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Welcome to iiwii magazine. We are an art & photography Magazine.

We are open for submissions. The submission has to be exclusive, so not published on your social or another magazine. If you do wish to send to other magazines, please inform us and we will be prompt with our response.

Response Time:
We take 7-10 days to reply to submissions as we do get a lot.

What to Submit:
Please ensure you look at our curated instagram for any reference to what is the iiwii style. It will maybe save you time and rejection in the long run.

File Submission:
• ALL submissions, or visuals submitted must be no larger than (1MB) in size, and at least (1500px)
• They should be submitted via Dropbox, PDF or JPEGS. We won't accept Wetransfer etc
• DO NOT send just your portfolio link, if you want to be published please submit a series or body of work.
• When submitting please provide credits, social details and a bio.
• Each series should contain a small write-up about the work being submitted

– The shots are your own and or you have the right to us them
– The pictures are not defamatory
– The pictures do not infringe on any laws
– Models are over 18.

You will be asked to sign/agree to the above restrictions and that iiwiimag has permission in using your images on but also our social channels and print outputs. We do not sell your images without your personal permission.

Good luck!